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Welcome to my
Tiddle Adoption Centre.

Here you can adopt a Tiddle, my own creation inspired by the game we all played as children "Tiddly Winks"  The rules of adoption are simple. Do not download your Tiddle from here, but fill out the form below and I will email you, your own Tiddle. Make sure you give me your url so I can link to your page when it is done. And I require that a link be placed on your page back to me. You may use the logo below if you desire.  I also ask that you place a link to the creator of these Tiddles

Please note, I have started a new job which is keeping pretty busy, please be patient, it may take a while for me to get you your Tiddle, but I while not forget. Thank you.

David Gregory / Image Factory

{Please note, these Tiddles are animated so this page does take a few min to download}

Now let me introduce you to my Tiddles.

Tiddle Wink 
Tiddle High 
Tiddle Low 
tiddyespurp.gif (58104 bytes)
Tiddle Yes 

Tiddle Sing  

Tiddle No  

Tiddle Bear 

tiddlebow2.gif (58996 bytes)
Our NEWEST Tiddle

Rainbow Tiddle

The graphics and Tiddles  were generously done for me by David Gregory, a wonderful friend and fantastic graphic artist.

Please fill in the following information and I will send you your own Tiddle. Please fill out the form completely, and accuratly, without an url and proper email I can not send you your Tiddle and your form will be deleted. Sorry I'm afraid I just don't have time to search for each url, so please double check your info before submitting the form. Thank you.

Your full name: 
Your email address: (e.g.:

Your Url: 

Select your Tiddle: 

Select a Colour for your Tiddle: 

If you have any ideas for a new Tiddle or if you have need a special colour, please input your comments below and I will try to accomadate you. This may take a bit longer of course.


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